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  • Teens and Dating

    Q: Our kids are seniors and have dated for a year. Our family of four went to dinner at his family’s home a few months ago, and we had a pleasant time. The parents “love” our daughter and we think he’s a nice boy. Last […]








  • Games and Life Skills

    Q: We have seen the television ads about family game night, and have seen your web site askevelyn.com where you talk about how family games teach life skills. But if our kids are 8 to 14, isn`t it already too late to get started? Jay […]

  • Setting Curfews

    Q: I liked the common sense, practical way you dealt with teen curfews in the column I read online, and I thought you would really enjoy this story I have about the perfect solution to getting kids home on time. It`s actually what my brother […]

  • Teaching Risk and Failure

    Q: It was so easy to promote self esteem in our kids when they were little, but in elementary school it gets increasingly harder. Sometimes other kids say mean things. Or sometimes our kids get really down when they lose a volleyball or basketball game, […]

  • Quality Family Time

    Q: We had some great times with our kids this summer and wonderful memories. But now that school has started, how do we sustain that kind of quality time? Everyone is so busy now. D.M. Sacramento CA A: Perhaps the times you can arrange to […]

  • First Parent Teacher Conference

    Q: We are really nervous about our first parent teacher conference. We don’t know what to expect. What kinds of questions should we take with us, if any? O.B. Billings MT A: Thousands of parents feel just like you do about their first school conference, […]

  • Adjusting to Jr. High

    Q: Our daughter is attending junior high this year, in seventh grade. She went from the small grade school she had always attended and a host of friends, to a gigantic junior high fed by 15 grades schools. Now she moves from class to class, […]

  • Kindergarten Readiness

    Q: Our son has a late fall birthday, and even though it would be more “convenient” for us to put him in kindergarten this year, (we both work) we want to do what’s best for him. We think he will be more successful in school, […]

  • What is Looping?

    Q: What can you tell me about looping? Does it relate to the muti age classroom? K.W. On Line A: Looping is the practice of allowing a teacher to work with the same students for 2 years or more. This often allows teachers to really […]

  • Tips to Prepare For a New School:

    Q: My husband got a job promotion and we recently made a rather sudden move from the Midwest to Houston. Since we got here, our oldest, a 9 year old daughter, has been misbehaving and saying mean, spiteful things to us, which she never did […]